SAP ODATA Interview Questions and Answers

SAP Native HANA 2.0 Online Training

SAP Native HANA 2.0 Online Training:- The SAP HANA 2.0 being the continuation of SAP HANA Training leverages futuristic database technology, intuitive application developments tools and analytical intelligence capabilities on…

SAP S/4 HANA Online Training

Question 1. On What Concept The Hadoop Framework Works? Answer: It works on Map Reduce, and it is devised by the Google Question 2. What Is Mapreduce? Answer: Map reduce…

SAP S/4 HANA Interview questions and answers

Question 1. What is SAP S/4 HANA? Answer: SAP S/4 HANA, short for SAP Business Suite 4 SAP Hana, is SAP’s next – generation business suite. It is a new…

Oracle Interview Questions

Question 1: What is Oracle? Answer: Oracle is a company. Oracle is also a database server, which manages data in a very structured way. It allows users to store and…

SAP CRM Interview Questions

Question 1. What Is the Implementation Tool/methodology That Is Generally Used In Deploying Sap Crm Projects? Is It ASAP or Solution Manager? Answer: You can use the SAP Solution Manager…

SAP MM Interview Questions: part 3

Question 210. What Is The Difference Between Blanket Purchase Order And The Service Order? Answer: The blanket purchase order is used for consumable materials, such as office paper with a…

SAP MM Interview questions – part 2

Question 101. Can Storage Locations Be Created Automatically? How Can They Created Automatically? Answer: Storage locations can be created automatically when an inward goods movement for a material is performed.…

SAP MM Interview Questions and Answers part 1

Question 1. What Mrp Procedures Are Available In Mm-cbp (consumption Based Planning)? Answer: Various material planning methods are used in MRP (Material Requirements Planning). Reorder point procedure (VM) Forecast-based planning…

SAP CLOUD Interview Questions and Answers

Question 1.Define Sap Analytics cloud? Answer: SAP Analytics Cloud refers to an all-in-one cloud platform offered as software as a service(SaaS) specifically for planning, business intelligence( BI), planning and predictive…

SAP HCI CPI Interview questions

1.What are the advantages of cloud computing? Answer: Scalability  Cost reduction by minimizing the hardware cost High Availability – anytime, anywhere with any device 2.What is SAP CPI? Answer: CPI…

JavaScript/UI – Angular Training

Angular JS is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks. Now a days it enables developers to quickly build properly architectured apps. And it gives you a great foundation, Angular…

Guidewire Online training

Title: Guidewire Online Training What is Gosu Language? Gosu is basically a general purpose, statically-typed programming language used on Java Virtual Machine. The influences of this language include C#, ECMAScript…

SAP CPQ on Hybris Online Training

pvvtechnologies provides a SAP CPQ on Hybris Online training us. SAP Configure, price, quote (CPQ) on hybris offers a significantly improved sales configuration solution. It is a very demand course.…

Guide wire Policy Center Functional Training

This course introduces students to the business functionality of the Policy Center base Application: we are also providing placements with the help of top MNC’s companies and we also providing…

SAP Native HANA online training

pvv technologies provides a SAP Native HANA online Training.  This course all key capabilities of SAP HANA at a high level. This Course focus on the core capabilities of SAP…

EC Time off Position Management Online Training

Module: Introduction to Mastery 1. Introduction to Success factors Products. 2. Instance, Provisioning Systems explanation 3. Technical Architecture 4. Integration Technology/Tools 5. Bizxpert Methodology — Implementation Methodology. 6. Basic company…

IT Business Analyst online Training

pvvtechnologies analyst training is designed to help you again in-depth knowledge of all the core concepts, tools, and techniques of business analysis from scratch through real-world examples.  A business Analyst’s…

SAP S4 HANA Sales and Distribution

SAP S/4  HANA  is peak of its market performance. It is very important tool. Sales and distribution is an area which is getting more focus as it is close to…

DevOps online training

Title: DevOps Certification Training course The DevOps training helps you become an expert in the principles Of continuous development and deployment, automation of configuration management, Inter-team collaboration, and IT service…

SAP success factor employee central Exam Dump

Question No:61 using role based permission (RBP) which permissions are typically granted to a group composed of the senior leadership team? There are 2 correct answers to this question option:…

SAP success factors employee central Exam material

Question No:41 Which stock table is used to convert stock units to a mix of equity types? options: A Stock Factor B Stock Conversion C Stock Value D Stock Participation…

SAP success factors EC employee central mock test

Question No:21 Which tool create cost projections and set targets based on location , performance level or benchmark? options: A Compensation Profile B Cascading budget C Budget rules D Guideline…

SAP success factors EC certification Dump

Question No:1 What must you do before Generating compensation statement? options: A Send work sheet to the completed step in the route map B Grant all Managers permission to launch…

Tableau online training

Description: Tableau Online When it comes to understanding Tableau online training, the very first thing that you need to take into consideration is what is Tableau after all. Tableau is…

SAP Success Factors EC payroll Self learning tutorial

What is EC Payroll? Employee Central Payroll (ECP) is based on SAP’s on-premise payroll engine and delivered in a hosted environment. Though the core engine of ECP is the same…

What are the best modules to learn in SAP success factors for SAP HCM Consultants

What is SAP Success Factors EC, What is SAP Success Factors LMS, What is SAP Success Factors Compensation, What is SAP Success Factors PMGM, What is SAP Success Factors Onboarding,…

what is monitoring, Control in ISTQB Online Course

Test Monitoring and Control;Test Monitoring involves the on-going comparison of actual progress against the test plan using any test monitoring metrics defined in the test plan. Test control involves taking…

ISTQB Online Training Course Content

Software Testing Course Syllabus and Training Plan Week 1 A brief introduction to software systems and SDLC Basic concepts ● Basic Testing Vocabulary ● Quality Assurance versus Quality Control ●…

How can I get an ISTQB certificate online?

How can I get an ISTQB certificate online? In order to get an ISTQB certified tester foundation level certificate, you should successfully pass the foundation exam administered by the National…

ISTQB Online Training Videos

What is ISTQB training? ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) is a non-profit organization which is responsible for defining several guidelines. These guidelines are in the form of exam structure…

Lessen the Burden on your HR Team – Integrate SAP Success Factors Application

The SAP Success Factors market has seen much growth for the last five years. Every year with its innovations it keeps on revolutionizing in different ways. A data released by…

What to do after deciding on implementation of Guidewire

Guidewire is generally perceived as one of the main insurance software suites. Joining three components—core operations, information and examination, and advanced commitment—the stage has helped more than 200 P&C transporters…

How Businesses Benefits From Machine Learning

With the entire buzz around artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning (ML), enterprises are today becoming inquisitive regarding the applications and advantages of ML in business. Machine Learning is…

SAP Success Factors EC Online training

BizXpert Methodology – Phases : Success Factors introduced a new project methodology called BizXpert Methodology. This method is similar to SAP ASAP Methodology . Sales: During the Sales phase, the scope…

SAP Success Factors EC Online Training VIDEO

SAP PLM Online Training Course Content

SAP PLM Online Training SAP Product Life-cycle Management Overview — 01 – Theory of Product Life Cycle Management – SAP PLM Architecture – Core PLM Components in ERP – SAP…

CA API Gateway Certification Course Online

What is CA API Layer Gateway Architecture? The CA API Layer Gateway architecture includes JMS, FTP or HTTP accessible endpoints. Users can access the CA API Layer Gateway through a…

The benefits of having Kafka Training Online

In our time of big data, the deluge of information from a wide assortment of sources might saddle your IT foundation. In addition, clients request to see their information “real…

The future after having Oracle SOA training in India

When you are looking for a job opportunity it is a must that you need to have Oracle SOA training in India from us at PVV Technologies. We are a…

oracle integration cloud service online training

What is Oracle Integration Cloud Service Concepts? Connections generally describe information regarding the instances of the configurations being integrated by the users. Oracle Integration Cloud Service Concepts include a series…

SAP Success Factors Onboarding Online Training Video

About SAP SF On boardingAbout SAP SF On boarding New to SUCCESS FACTORS? No worries SAP Success factors is a global provider of cloud-based human resource software and fully integrated…

SAS Fraud Framework Course

About SAS Fraud FrameworkContent VideoPre-requisitesAbout SAS Fraud Framework What do You Learn from SAS Fraud Framework: Administering Social Network Analysis Training SAS Fraud Framework: Administering Social Network Analysis is a…

Oracle Integration cloud services (ICS) Online Video

What is Orchestration ?ContentVideoPre-requisitesWhat is Orchestration ? Orchestration pattern is the complex pattern in ICS which allow creating more complicated flows like invoking multiple applications, aggregating data and executing decisions…

CA Spectrum Online Course

About CA SpectrumContent VideoPre-requisitesAbout CA Spectrum CA Spectrum provides a comprehensive, sophisticated and robust network and event fault management potentials required by network operations teams. It can help companies in…

Dynatrace Online Course

About DynatraceContent VideoPre-requisitesAbout Dynatrace What is Dynatrace APM Training? Dynatrace is basically one of the most dynamic and flexible application performance management tools that can be used very easily. It…

Jd Edwards Technical Course

About CourseCourse ContentVideoPre-requisitesAbout Course JD Edwards Technical Training- Technology and Tools-Based Learning The JD Edwards technical training course inform the candidates about the right procedure of using infrastructural tools for…

JD Edwards Business Services

About CourseCourse ContentVideoPre-requisitesAbout Course What are JD Edwards Business Services? Business services can be described as objects that make way for interoperability between Oracle and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications of…

Workday Payroll Functional

Workday Payroll FunctionalContentVideoPre-requisitesWorkday Payroll Functional Details of Workday Payroll FUNCTIONAL Being a workday payroll specialist has come up as a genre profile for most of the business organizations. In this…

Workday Payroll Integration

Workday Payroll Integration ?ContentVideoPre-requisitesWorkday Payroll Integration ? How does Workday Payroll Integration work?  The workday payroll works with ADP workforce in a secured and seamless manner. Professionals are gathering knowledge…

IBM WXS Online Course

What is IBM WXS?ContentVideoPre-requisitesWhat is IBM WXS? The popular IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale is an in-memory product for the data grid developed by IBM. The WXS can also be defined…

Informatica BDM Course

About Informatica BDMContentVideoPre-requisitesAbout Informatica BDM The Informatica Big Data Management is an efficient GUI product that is based on the integrated environment of development. It is used by various organizations…

Machine Learning Online Course

About CourseContentVideoPre-requisitesAbout Course Content NumPy(Mathematical computing with python) “Arrays and Matrices, ND-array object, Array indexing, Datatypes, Array math Broadcasting, Std Deviation, Conditional Prob, Covariance, and Correlation.” SciPy(Scientific computing with python)…

Guidewire Policy Center Course

What Policy Center ?ContentVideoPre-requisitesWhat Policy Center ? What is Guidewire Policy Center? Guidewire Policy Center supports the entire policy lifecycle for personal, commercial, and workers’ compensation insurance. It automates underwriting…

Guidewire Claim Center Course

What is Claim Center ?ContentVideoPre-requisitesWhat is Claim Center ? What is the Claim Center? InsuranceSuite is to support personal lines, commercial lines, and workers’ compensation, and to enable you to…

Jenkins Online Training

What is Jenkins?ContentVideoPre-requisitesWhat is Jenkins? One of the most powerful freeware applications that acts irrespective of the used platforms which helps in effective and consistent integration and delivery of projects.…

GIT Online Training Course

What is GIT - DevopsTopicsVideoPre-requisitesWhat is GIT - Devops GIT is a version control system with an advantageous feature as speed. It was basically designed and developed by Linus Torvalds…

MS AX Dynamics HR Payroll

MS AX Dynamics HR Payroll TopicsVideoPre-requisitesMS AX Dynamics HR Payroll How experienced should HR personnel be to benefit a business organization? To look after the overall smooth functioning of the…

MS AX Warehouse Management

MS AX Warehouse ManagementTopicsVideoPre-requisitesMS AX Warehouse Management How to manage warehouse management department smoothly? For warehouse management task, the individual should be well equipped in handling overall setup required for…

MS AX Functional online course

Manufacturing Production ContentVideoPre-requisitesManufacturing Production Know about the usage of software for manufacturing and production purpose The term Manufacturing-Production easily connotes the manufacturing process and produce goods for sale. From preparing…

MS Dynamics Trade logistics

MS AX Trade and LogisticsContentVideoPre-requisitesMS AX Trade and Logistics How Microsoft Dynamics AX functionality help in carrying out trade and logistics functions? With knowledge about Microsoft Dynamics AX, it is…

MS Dynamics AX Finance Course

MS Dynamic FinanceContent VideoPre-requisitesMS Dynamic Finance What are the prospects of learning Microsoft Dynamics AX Functional Online course? Microsoft Dynamics AX Functional is well known as a management solution offered…

Smart Bear Test Complete

Smart Bear Test Complete ?ContentVideoPre-requisitesSmart Bear Test Complete ? An inclusive about TestComplete by Smart Bear Test Complete TestComplete is a testing platform that has been developed with the help…

Hibernate FrameWork

Hibernate Frame-WorkContentVideoPre-requisitesHibernate Frame-Work Getting acquainted with Hibernate FrameWork online training courses ; The online classroom programs have become quite famous these days, and this gives an excellent opportunity for residing…

Java 8 Standard Edition Course

Java 8 Standard EditionContent VideoPre-requisitesJava 8 Standard Edition Online course program makes learning easier for students To know about the implication of Java application, interested students can take part in…

Restful Web Services Course

What Restful Web ServicesContentVideoPre-requisitesWhat Restful Web Services Know about the proper usage of Restful Web services via an online program  Different online courses are available these days that help professionals…

J2ee- Java Enterprise Edition

J2EE Java Enterprise EditionContentVideoPre-requisitesJ2EE Java Enterprise Edition Acquiring knowledge about the core of Java application Online courses are quite common these days, and one among them is J2ee – Java…

Micro services Online Course

What is Micro ServicesCourse ContentVideoPre-requisitesWhat is Micro Services Get to know about dream course via online instructors To grasp a better insight into training and the practical implications of Microservices,…

SOAP-Based Web services

SOAP-Based Web servicesContentVideoPre-requisitesSOAP-Based Web services Get to know about SOAP-Based Web services from an online program Online program is helpful for students to get in touch with the course that…

Guide-wire Claim Center Course

g What is Claim Center?Course ContentVideoPre-requisitesWhat is Claim Center? What is the Claim Center? InsuranceSuite is to support personal lines, commercial lines, and workers’ compensation, and to enable you to…

Dockets Online Course

Dockers ?Course ContentVideoPre-requisitesDockers ? The online training program at its best. To have complete learning about Dockers tool, you can seek help from an online program who are well equipped…

Spring Boot Online Course

Spring BootCourse ContentDemo videoPre-requisitesSpring Boot Getting acquainted with Hibernate FrameWork online training courses. The online classroom programs have become quite famous these days, and this gives an excellent opportunity for…

Spring 4.x framework Course

Spring 4.x frameworkFunctionsDemo VideoPre-requisitesSpring 4.x framework Acquire some knowledge about Spring 4.x frameworkIf you wish to know about the core of Spring 4.x framework certification, you should enroll in an…

AWS Security Online Training Course

AWS SecurityContentVideoPre-requisitesAWS Security What is a Virtual Private Cloud? You’re own logically isolated section of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud By default, your VPC has no access to the…

SAP Leonardo Online Training India

SAP Leonardo @ +91 8790679998

Get an In-depth Knowledge on AWS with Our Online Training in India

Amazon Web Services i.e. AWS are a cloud computing facilities provided by the Amazon group. Aspirants who have a keen interest in knowing about and developing their skills in cloud…

Sap S/4 Hana Cfin 1709 Online Training Content

Facts About SAP S/4 HANA CFIN 1709

API GEE Online Course

Get certified on API GEE @ 91 7702529995

S4 HANA Central Finance Online Training

Redhat Online Training

Redhat Training Call @ +91 7702529995

SAP ALE, EDI, IDocs for MM

What is EDI, Idoc, ALEContentVideoPre-requisitesWhat is EDI, Idoc, ALE Content What is an Idoc? Need for using Idocs Uses of Idocs Creating a Custom idoc. Enhancing an existing IDOC Programmings…


SAP Central Finance Course Content

SAP Hana CFIN Online Course

SAP Central Finance Course Content

SAP UI5 FIORI Odata Online Course

About SAP UI5FioriOdataContent - VideoDemo detailsAbout SAP UI5 What is SAP UI5 and Functions To build up the modern interface as per the standard of enterprise grid, SAPUI5 is being…

SAS Grid Administration Certification Examination

Join the best Grid Training-Book your seats today! Our Grid Training programs are here right now! Become the next big thing in the arena of Data Science with the online…

Web-site Design and style By Using A Design template

If you are just like may other folks on the net, then you want to have a web site of your own. The problem is, you don’t understand how to…

SAP HCI-CPI online Course

Get Certified on SAP HCI @ 91 7702529995

Digital Office Product Is A Remarkably Portable Option

The climb of the pc relying planet gave method to the strengthened work with of the internet.?? People and businesses happen to be continuously making use of it to schedule…

SAP SuccessFactors Online Training

SAP SuccessFactors Online Training SAP SuccessFactors is a multi-national corporation that functions on Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This unit of SAP usually provides cloud-based Human Capital Management. The…

SAS Grid Administration

Get Certified on Grid Administration +91 7702529995

SAS Platform & Grid Admin course

SAS Platform, GridCourse TopicsPre-requisitesLive Video SAS Platform, Grid SAS Platform and Grid Administration Online Training SAS is a world pioneer in the Data Analysis with various enterprises and distinctive areas…

SAP S/4 HANA CFIN 1709 Online Training

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SAP Success Factors EC Online Course

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SAP REFX Flexible Online Training India

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IBM Websphere MQ Course

Get Certified on IBM Websphere MQ @ 91 7702529995

CA Layer 7 API Online Course

Get Certified on CA Layer 7 API Management

Layer 7 CA API GATEWAY Course

Get certified on CA API GATEWAY Online Training 91 7702529995

IBM WebSphere Certification Online Training India

IBM Business Monitor Websphere Application ServerIBM Cloud IntegrationCast Iron V7 ConfigurationCast Iron V7 AdministrationDeveloping Applications with IBM Business Monitor V8.5.5 What is BPM, What is BAM, What is IBM Business…

SAP BW/4 HANA Modeling Online Training India

Get Certified on SAP BW/4 HANA Modeling

Python, AI and Machine Learning

Get Certified on Python, AI and Machine Learning

SuccessFactors Recruitment Online Training Videos

Get Certified on Success Factors RCM @ +91 7702529995

MS Dynamics AX-Technical Course

Get Certified on Dynamics AX Technical @ +91 7702529995

SAP Success Factors On boarding Course

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Blue Prism Online Course

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IBM – RPT Online Course

Get Certified on IBM RPT Online Training

MS Power BI Online Training

MS Power BI is an advanced course and easy to get started self-service business analytics. Power Bi is the great tool and it is very advanced tool to get a…

Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 Development Online Training

Get certified on MS Dynamics AX2012 Development

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online Training India

Get Certified on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online

Microsoft Dynamics Office 365 Online Training from India

Get Certifed on Microsoft Office 365 Online Training

QlikView Vs Tableau – Data Visualization Giants:

Get Certified on Tableau today @ 7702529995

AWS Security Online Training Course

Get Certified on AWS Security +91 7702529995

Tableau Online Course

Get Certified on Tableau @ +91 8790679998

MS Power BI Online Training India

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Devops Online Training from India

What is the Difference Chef Vs Ansible Vs Puppet: Usually called IT automation tools, these three tools are generally used for configuration management, used vastly for deploying, configuring and managing…

Oracle BAM Online Course

Get Oracle BAM certificated @ +91 7702529995

Oracle AIA Online Course

Get Certified on Oracle AIA @ +91 7702529995

Oracle SOA BPEL , Mediator

Get Certified on Oracle SOA/BPEL, Mediator +91 7702529995

Oracle SOACS) Online Course

Get Certified on Oracle SOA cloud services

Oracle ICS Online Course

Get Certified on Oracle ICS @ 91 7702529995

Oracle SOA Suite 11g, 12c

Oracle 12c RAC Online Training from India

Oracle OSB 11g, 12c Course

Oracle 12c RAC Online Training from India

AWS Technical Online Training | AWS Certification Online Course

Get Certified on AWS Technical @ +91 7702529995

Devops Online Training India | What is Marven ?

What is Maven: Maven online training at Adithya e-learning will help candidates learn the process of automation of building java projects using Apache Maven. Apart from this, we will also…

MuleSoft 3.6 Online Course

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Mule ESB Online Course

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AWS SysOps Online Training Course

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AWS Architect Online Training Course

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AWS Online Training India Course

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Ethical Hacking Online Course

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CCNA Certification Question and Answers | CNNA Online Training

Get Certifed on CCNA @ 91 7702529995

CCNA Online Training Course

Get Certified on CCNA Courses @ 91 7702529995

SAP MDG Online Training India

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Shareplex for ODR Course

Get Certified on Shareplex for Oracle Data Replication

Guidewire Online Training from India

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Agile Scrum Master Course

Agile Scrum Master Certification, Support and Online Training

SalesForce CRM Online Course

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 Certification Online Training

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 Certification Online Course @ 91 7702529995

DevOps Certification Online Training

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Hadoop Developer & Adminstration online training

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AKKA with Java Online Training

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Apache Kafka Online Training

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Online Training Data Science & Machine Learning with Python

Get Certified on Data Science, Machine Learning and Python

SAP Data Archiving Course

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SAP NetWeaver ILM Course

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SAP Simple Logistics Online Training

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SAP Ariba Online Course

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Data Stage 11.3 Online Course

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PERL SHELL Scripting Course

Get Certified on Perl and Shell Scripting @ +91 770-2529-9995

Oracle 12c RAC Online Course

Oracle 12c RAC Online Training from India

Oracle Exadata Database Course

Get Certified on Oracle Exadata Database @ +91 7702529995,

Big Data Hadoop Online Training

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SalesForce Course

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Apache Spark Scala Online Training

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SAP HANA Cloud Integration

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